Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Welcome to elephant boldly, personal reflections on my journey towards purpose.

I've wanted to document my thoughts and feelings for quite some time, but, for whatever reason, I usually stop before catching any actual rhythm or steam.  I believe the failure lies in the expectation to have a brilliant and life-changing theme emerge within one or two posts.  However, as with most things in life, creating something valuable, whether personally or for public consumption, takes time and patience. 

So, I'm starting this process with little to no expectations... or, I should say, I'm at least trying to actively keep my expectations in check.

I want this space to be a playground for my thoughts and feelings.  Some posts will be short and energetic forays into my flights of fancy.  I'll indulge these trysts because, with a little time and care, they may indeed lead to something deeper and personally satisfying.  Other posts will be longer and (hopefully) well thought out.  They will deal with more intimate subjects that hold personal value for me. 

Why "elephant boldly"?  Well, for quite some time, I've been intrigued by this great animal.  Its ponderous and intentional journey over great distances to water and nourishment, simply by instinct, is personally inspiring.  To some degree, I guess I want my own life to mirror this same quality. By writing here, I hope to uncover and refine my passions.  In time, I hope these will then provide a path by which I can move purposefully and instinctively towards a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of personal nourishment and purpose.  Until the next post...



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  1. Lots of applause. I'm so glad you're blogging! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years. It's been such an amazing ride.